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Construction Business or Project related issue? Results driven, we are Effective.

Business related services
  • New Company start-up or expansion mentoring programs
  • Construction management
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational plans
  • Restructuring and Leaning
  • Issue identification and resolution
  • Recruiting, hiring and training
  • Competitive bid implementation
  • New technology implementation
  • Develop and implement new policies, procedures, and web based forms
Project related services
  • 3D scanning of building interiors and exteriors
  • Value engineering and estimating
  • Third party inspections
  • Constructability reviews
  • Management improvement or restructuring
  • Troubled project turnarounds
  • Manpower or sub contractor restructuring
  • Fast track schedule implementation
  • On the job training programs

These are some of the services I offer, if it is construction related I am here to help you solve any issue you may have.


Operating with a proactive and methodical approach

I have developed a very effective tool,

A Central “Master List” Construction Management and Training System

This system provides for a central cloud based information source, This source becomes your companies Master Work List for each project, you can use it for one project or as an operational plan for your entire company. This living document is then sorted and distributed to meet your given objectives. This is customized and set up for your specific needs, you can manage it or I can.


Proactive Crisis Management

There are risks involved in any business or construction project. We help you with the development of a strategic offensive planning to shore up any weak areas of your business or project. We also can help you react to any unforseen issues that may be occurring.